“Bringing to you all the people you love in a way that makes you say ₳H!”

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Where to Buy

Season 1 is SOLD OUT but you can purchase them on the secondary market. The αSeries is COMING SOON!


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Our CNFT’s have a capped supply of 200 per character all of which are curated into coordinated collections.


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Meet the Team

Alex | AdaHitz!

Alex | AdaHitz!

Project Founder and Artist

I am a Husband, a Father, and love jumping off high things into water :D! I have been in the Crypto Space since late 2017 where I first discovered Cardano and CH’s Whiteboard video. From watching countless hours of AMA’s, reading the weekly Technical Update, and watching Cardano 360, Cardano has inspired me and is a vision I value and believe in!



Community Manager

I was one of the original AdaHitz! CNFT Giveaway Winners. From the beginning I took interest in the project and wanted to help where I could which led to becoming the Community Manager on Discord. CNFT’s has helped me change for the better specially in helping my family’s finances. Now, I want to extend that opportunity to others! Cheers!

Frequent Questions

What is an NFT?

NFT is short for Non-Fungible Token which refers to an asset on the blockchain that is unique and cannot be replaced or changed. Their unique authenticity is verifiable by comparing the Policy ID listed on the NFT with the Policy ID listed by the projects creators.

What are the AdaHitz! Policy ID's?

Season 1 – e9ad9d31a826324b1d12b2b7dfafedaee5386a6d51ba7c2ee0e969db

How do you buy?

When the sale is live, click Buy and you will be directed through a Captcha screen to protect the sale against bots ensuring a fair opportunity for all. Once completed you will be in the Buy screen where you will have the option to select the quantity of NFT’s you wish to buy. Once decided upon, click purchase, and then a wallet address will appear with clarifying instructions. You will be asked to send a specific quantity of ₳ ($ADA) to a wallet address using a Yoroi, Daedalus, Nami, or AdaLite Wallet (DO NOT SEND FROM AN EXCHANGE). Once you have sent the funds your NFT/s will be live minted through our system and returned to your wallet within a matter of minutes!

How many AdaHitz! are there?

Currently we have only released Season 1 which has a total supply of 2016 NFT’s. We are in the process of preparing our first Alpha Series drop which consists of 200 Goguen pieces. There are plans to periodically release more AdaHitz! as time goes on.