Under Construction

Additional AdaHitz! Characters

We are comitted to continually releasing new AdaHitz! character designs as a celebration of the Crypto space, culture, and history! If you have some favourite moments and/or people in the Crypto space feel free to drop a suggestion in the discord channel #suggestions.

Step 1

Under Construction – Progress 70%

New Website with Discord and Wallet Integration

We are building a website that has discord and wallet integration to help enable future roadmap features. The new website will include a fully featured explore page that highlights rarity for every season released, and discord with wallet integration will link server roles with various rewards like airdrops and discounts.

Step 2

Under Construction

Airdrop Mechanics

To enable regular airdrops that are meaningful we are developing a system that will ensure all our collectors are rewarded and have quick access to exclusive collectors only drops!



Step 3

Under Construction


In a space where art is highly sought and utility is a must we have gone back to the drawing boards to rediscover who we are as a project and who we can be moving forward. Collabs are a huge part of this, from simple art collabs to the more complex (see next milestone).

Step 4

Under Construction

Potential Game Integration

More details to come soon.
This milestone will be dependant on the success of the AdaHitz! relaunch.

Step 5

Under Consideration

DAO? Stake Pool? Metaverse Avatars? 3D Printed AdaHitz!?

The future of the project is open to the input and suggestions of the community!

Coming Soon